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Victoria Cooper
Anthea Barbary

We have been friends and colleagues for 20 years, and between us, we have nearly 50 years therapeutic experience. We hold the same passion and vision for integrating all of the knowledge that we have gathered over the years in our different practises, and sharing what we believe to be the most effective therapeutic tools.

Victoria Cooper

Victoria's Vision for wellness 

I am passionate about helping make a difference to people's lives through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy and holistic therapies, as I have experienced these to be incredibly useful tools in my own life. . 

When we learn to let go of our pain, be it physical or emotional, we can become more grounded and present. 

Allowing more space and freedom to enjoy life more and to its fullest potential. 

When we reconnect with our creative self, we can dream and create a positive future for ourselves, our loved ones, and ultimately the world. 


I’ve been honing my skills for over 20 years now, at various clinics and retreat centres across Sussex, as well as nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. I have set up workshops, clinics and low cost clinics in my community as I believe health and wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. 

I was drawn to yoga and meditation when I was about 18. At that time I was training as an aromatherapist, but my life was in chaos. Yoga, meditation and breathwork helped me find the strength to change what I needed to change, and dream up a new way of being me. I have never looked back. 

Hypnotherapy, and working with the mind have been vital tools in my own healing.  I love to offer and share these skills with others to help re-establish a healthy balance and connection between body and mind. 


Member of the Hypnotherapy Association.



Qualification links:

Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and a full member of the international Hypnotherapy Association

Diplomas in Integral Hatha Yoga , Partner Yoga, Vayu Aerial yoga, Sound meditation and Mindfulness.

Advanced Diplomas in Traditional Thai massage



Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy

Anthea Barbary LicAc MBAcC Dip I Hyp GQHP

Anthea's Vision for wellness 

I was attracted to the healing profession because of the difficulties that I went through in my childhood, and the healing that has taken place within me, with the help from others and their wisdom. I believe that we have the power to heal and change the way we see and experience life. 

There are therapies and techniques which can both help heal and re-route the wiring and beliefs that do not serve us anymore. I am now dedicated to sharing my experience, and those tools and resources with others who are looking to change and grow. 

My experience shows me that optimum health and well-being is achieved through harmony between the mind, body and spirit. 


I have been a therapist for 25 years. 

I practise Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, teach meditation and practise and teach a form of nature healing which is practised by the Q’eros in the high Andes, Peru. 

The combination of these practises allows me to ‘tailor make’ my treatments in both a 1-1 setting or a group. 



Licentiate in Acupuncture, and a full member of the British Acupuncture Council


Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy and a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Register


Level 2 qualification in Person Centred Counselling


Diploma in practising Andean Spirituality (Inka nature wisdom)


All of our facilitators are fully qualified, experienced, insured and CRB checked.

For any enquiries, or to book a workshop please email

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