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We use a combination of highly effective, solution focussed NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques.

These techniques help to change and rewire unwanted patterns of thoughts and behaviour, such as low self-esteem and confidence, anxiety and social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, agoraphobia, and low mood. We can help to support you with the strategies required to reach your optimum potential, and help you to take steps towards your goals, whether that be in education, employment, social or general life goals.

We currently offer face-to-face sessions in Lewes, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and online. All of our therapists are fully qualified, and have at least 5 years clinical experience as a therapist or coach.

If you are interested in having therapy with us, please email us at

Fees per session:

  • Unemployed sliding scale: £10- £20 

  • Working low-wage sliding scale: £20- £30

Please pay what you can within these price brackets. 

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